295. Editorial Note

The Christian Democratic Party’s National Congress met January 27–February 1, 1962. During these meetings, the Christian Democrats approved a plan for the formation of a government led by Prime Minister Fanfani and enjoying the external support of the Italian Socialist Party. On February 2, Fanfani presented the resignation of his government [Page 826]to President Giovanni Gronchi. After discussions with party leaders, Gronchi asked Fanfani to form a new government on February 10. On February 16, the Christian Democratic, Social Democratic, and Republican parties announced agreement on a program for a new Fanfani government of the center-left. The Socialist Party gave its approval to the government’s program on February 18. In telegram 2485, February 19, the Embassy in Rome submitted a lengthy analysis of the new government and its program. (Department of State, Central Files, 765.00/2–1962)

On February 21 President Gronchi swore in a new Fanfani government that included 19 Christian Democratic, 3 Social Democratic, and 2 Republican Ministers.