311. Telegram From the Department of State to Secretary of State Rusk, at Paris1

Tosec 39. Dearborn summoned by Balaguer noon June 4. ForMin Herrera Baez and Luis Mercado (Consul General in NY) present.

Balaguer denied existence violence and reign of terror in Dominican Republic. Action being taken only against those directly involved in assassination. Said Ramfis appointment made to unify armed forces and he had promised to support government, particularly in international matters.

Balaguer emphasized he was eminently anti-Communist and would fully support western democracies. Said GODR would respect all treaties and agreements. Firm intention to prepare for democratic elections May 1962 in which all groups guaranteed freedom.

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Dearborn thanked President and lauded objectives but observed adverse impression abroad caused by brutal SIM methods and belief people punished for guilt by association. Number Americans concerned about their safety. Balaguer replied Americans need have no concern if not directly implicated in assassination.

At that time ForMin left and Dearborn told President he would have do something drastic convince world GODR would not tolerate police state methods. Suggested he get rid of Abbes and Espaillat. [less than 1 line of source text not declassified] In reply further question Balaguer said he aimed create situation where those who opposed Trujillo could speak out freely within six months.

Dearborn assured BalaguerUSG would consider promptly and favorably written request assist militarily seek out and repel Castro or Commie attack. Balaguer interjected question “attack from abroad”? Dearborn took this as veiled invitation for support against internal attacks and replied US prepared help militarily any time at his request if sectors Dominican military attempted to prevent progress toward democracy. Balaguer replied should assume Ramfis promise sincere until proved otherwise. Appeared grateful Dearborn statement.

Balaguer in reply question on relations with Bishops said he had offered resign rather than expel them as requested by armed forces.

[1 paragraph (2 lines of source text) not declassified]

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 739.00/6-561. Secret; Niact. Drafted by Stone, cleared by Braddock, and approved by Achilles. Also sent to Caracas, Bogota, CINC-LANT, CINCARIB, and the Commander of the Second Fleet for POLAD.