29. Telegram From the Embassy in Uruguay to the Department of State1

179. Please transmit following message to President:

“Dear Mr. President:

The various committees have now completed their work and the general committee consisting of the heads of delegations will meet at seven tonight, Monday, to arrive at the final conference document. We have been meeting steadily for the past 24 hours with other heads of [Page 59] delegations except for the Cubans in an attempt to clean up the various documents and resolutions and tonight we will have to formalize this action with the Cubans present. In addition, Beltran of Peru, with the strong support of a number of other delegations has prepared a brief hard hitting resume of our work which will be very effective from a public relations point of view. For this reason it will be highly objectionable to the Cubans and since they have not had a chance to see it as yet we can expect a violent explosion from them when it comes up.

We hope to keep to the original schedule and complete our work Wednesday but we will have to have luck with us. Despite what our friends from Uruguay may have been feeding to the press there are no new promises of US aid or new funds and no abandonment of the self-help concept.

Faithfully yours,

Douglas Dillon
  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 371.8/8-1561. Secret; Eyes Only.