244. Telegram From the Department of State to Secretary of State Rusk, at Paris1

Tosec 8. President suggests that if suitable opportunity presents itself you may desire briefly express to Lord Home our continued concern over forthcoming election in British Guiana which presently seems likely will result in Jagan victory.

FYI. President briefly raised matter with Macmillan in April and you discussed it with Lord Home. Subsequently Ivan White and Ambassador Bruce raised matter with McLeod. However British have not been willing to undertake any operation or permit us undertake operation to prevent Jagan victory and generally take view that Jagan is probably salvagable.” While now too late undertake any meaningful action prior to election August 21 and alternatives to Jagan not attractive or strong, suggest your remarks to Home might pave way for more meaningful future U.S.U.K. cooperation on problem.

Also FYI. At Senator Dodd’s request Alex Johnson is seeing him Monday with respect his August 3 letter addressed to you expressing hope some action will be possible in this situation before we have another Castro regime in Latin America”.

  1. Source: Kennedy Library, National Security Files, Countries Series, British Guiana, May 19-Aug. 23, 1961. Top Secret; Eyes Only. Drafted by U. Alexis Johnson, cleared in substance in INR, and approved by Johnson and William C. Burdett. The first paragraph was cleared in substance by Schlesinger in the White House. Repeated to London eyes only for the Charge.