24. Telegram From the Embassy in Uruguay to the Department of State 1

124. In Committee Two today Cuba (Guevara) made clear its desire have Montevideo Treaty discussed as of interest to non signatories considering joining Common Market. Noted Cuba isolated economically from Latin American countries by special circumstances but had factories which could expand production if free to export. Cuba and trading partners could benefit by economic specialization and exchange. However without guarantees against economic boycotts specialization would entail risk Cuba hurt by such boycott. Hence Cuba would insist [Page 53] on guarantees against economic aggression. Under the economic integration agreement (LAFTA) there should be according Guevara provision for long term contracts as safeguard against: (a) interruption of trade as result political pressure and (b) planned production in excess of amounts that could be sold [sic] wanted fundamental discussion here of expansion such exchanges between Cuba and Latin America countries especially those in LAFTA.

  1. Source: Kennedy Library, National Security Files, Trips and Conference Series, Montevideo, August 1961. Unclassified.