129. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Colombia1

535. FonMin Caicedo stopped briefly Washington on return Paris to Bogota, where scheduled arrive January 4. Woodward saw him twice review prospects 8th MFM and handed him copies comparative revision Colombian draft he left with us in December (text revision circulated CA-7152 as amended Depcirtel 1200).3 This most recent draft contains provision for obligatory break diplomatic and economic relations Cuba after 30-day waiting period observe compliance.

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Caicedo indicated this revision seemed generally satisfactory but needed consult President Lleras before giving final view.

Principal additional questions discussed were: (1) whether necessary 14 votes obtainable for resolution containing obligatory measures and (2) whether even if attainable such action would be preferable approval by larger majority of resolution like that contained Depcirtel 1200 but with obligatory feature amended to make it recommendation. Caicedo appears personally favor all-out effort obtain 14 or more votes for obligatory measures.

Unfortunately Argentine draft which is presumably aimed at strongest feasible action short of obligatory measures (BA tel 1133 rpt Bogota 39)4 not available prior Caicedo’s departure. We plan keep Colombians informed of any developments that respect.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 371.04/1-362. Official Use Only. Drafted by Jamison, cleared by Belcher and Morrison, and approved by Woodward.
  2. Reference is apparently to CA-735; See footnote 3, Document 127.
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