348. Memorandum From the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Taylor) to President Johnson1



  • Assignment of Personnel to South Vietnam

The Joint Chiefs of Staff are completely in accord with the view expressed in your memorandum of December 2, 19632 that South Vietnam is our most critical military area at the moment. In recognition of this priority, they have undertaken to see to it that General Harkins receives the best officers available in each of the areas of military activity represented in his command.

Since receiving your memorandum of 2 December 1963, the Joint Chiefs of Staff have conveyed its content to Admiral Felt and General Harkins, asking them to report to the Joint Chiefs of Staff whether the policy expressed therein is being presently carried out to their satisfaction.3 If such is not the case, now or in the future, they are to report the facts at once to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Maxwell D. Taylor
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