245. Editorial Note

A synopsis of Department of State and Intelligence material reported to the President on December 4, 1958, prepared by John S.D. Eisenhower, includes the following item:

“The Joint Chiefs of Staff have concurred with CINCPAC proposal that Air Force augmentation on Taiwan be reduced. CINCPAC was directed [Page 498]to redeploy the air units at his discretion with news releases being held to a low key. In this connections, you noted previously that the reduction by 17,000 of the forces on the offshore islands does not satisfy the requirement for bringing the force to a reasonable size. State and Defense say that they are still pushing for greater reductions; this represents only the first step. In exchange for this reduction we supply one M–24 Tk Bn, twelve 240mm Howitzers, twelve 155mm guns (Long Toms) for Quemoy, and four 240mm Howitzers and a Bn of Long Toms for Matsu. CINCPAC (with concurrence General White, CINCUSARPAC) objects only to the M–24 Tk Bn for Quemoy. Action not yet complete.” (Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, DDE Diaries)