485. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Thailand 1

2982. Your 3345.2 Sarit’s calls on Secretary McElroy, Quarles and Twining were courtesy visits not involving discussion of substantive matters. In working level conference with Sarit’s aides Defense stressed necessity of processing MAP proposals through JUSMAG and replied to Thai presentation of service requirements by statement along following lines:

favorable consideration will be given to any recommendations made by JUSMAG concerning Thai Army’s desire for greater participation in its housing construction program;
delivery of the DE we are proposing to loan Thai Navy will be of assistance in enabling them to scrap obsolete vessels. Congressional action required for this with Defense actively pushing matter and hopeful of favorable outcome;
US planning to assist in modernizing Thai Air Force by providing jet aircraft on initial basis of one squadron, to be followed by additional squadrons as training and other facilities become available.

Memo of conversation being pouched.3

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 792.551/6–458. Confidential. Drafted by Anthony C. Swezey of SEA, cleared with the Department of Defense, and approved by Parsons.
  2. Telegram 3345, June 4, requested information concerning reports reaching the Embassy in Bangkok that Sarit’s party was approaching the Department of Defense and other agencies with requests for military aid. (Ibid., 792.551/6–458)
  3. A memorandum prepared in the Department of Defense, June 5, reporting on General Erskine’s latest talk with Sarit and the latter’s disappointment at not being able to obtain additional fiscal year 1958 assistance is ibid., 792.5811/6–1158.