460. Telegram From the Embassy in Thailand to the Department of State1

2059. Pass Defense and ICA. Country Team message.

While Sarit in Washington, believe he almost certain approach Defense and/or State requesting additional aid. Request largely connected personal prestige and desire not to come home empty-handed.
Believe not premature Washington agencies consider possible response to any such approach. As indicated Embassy telegram 18962 we have no basis for advocating increased aid at this stage; nevertheless believe our response to any Sarit approach should if possible be helpful and positive, especially from public relations standpoint. Depending on timing, certain announcements regarding program might be connected Sarit visit; possibilities include: a) approval projects currently under consideration within present program; b) action regarding DLF loan projects soon to be submitted; c) announcement AEDF financing telecommunications project; d) FY 59 illustrative aid level; e) increased MDA support as recommended 58 and 59 programs.
Having in mind previous misunderstandings regarding “Phao and Sarit grants”3 Country Team urges it be given early opportunity comment if approach materializes and before any commitment made in Washington. As Washington no doubt aware that high-level approaches tend be uncoordinated within TG, therefore believe consultation this end essential if subsequent difficulties are to be avoided.
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