305. Letter From the Ambassador in Pakistan (Langley) to the Secretary of State1

Dear Mr. Secretary: On April 2 I delivered two documents to Prime Minister Noon, a note on the Karnafuli dam project,2 and your reply to the Prime Minister’s recent letter to you about Pakistan recognizing the United Arab States.

The Prime Minister reached for your letter first, saying as he opened it, “My God, is he going to give me Hell?”

Noon at last has something of a guilty conscience about his March 8 speech. He promised me he would read what he said extemporaneously, which he had not yet done.

The severe beating the United States has been taking here, inspired by Noon’s speech, seems to be passing its peak. This has been a second and worse wave, the first having been triggered by announcement of United States loans to India and nourished by recent events in the Middle East, plus mounting internal economic and political difficulties.

I anticipate no real shift in the foreign policies of Pakistan, but think we will have to endure considerable anti-West talk in the context of a general clamor by parties and candidates for a change during the election campaign, already in progress.

Sincerely yours,

James M. Langley
  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 611.90D/4–358. Confidential; Official-Informal.
  2. Text of the Department’s note on the Karnafuli dam project was transmitted in telegram 2497 to Karachi, April 1. (Ibid., 890D.2614/4–158)