294. Memorandum of a Conversation, Ankara, January 30, 19581



  • Bombers for Pakistan


  • The Secretary
  • William Rountree
  • Frederick Reinhardt
  • British Foreign Secretary Lloyd
  • Sir William Hayter
  • Mr. Denis Laskey

Mr. Lloyd inquired whether the United States could assist Pakistan in acquiring some bombers through off-shore purchase. The Pakistanis were pressing very hard but it was simply impossible for the United Kingdom to do anything about it, although he would very much like to be able to do something for Mirza and Noon.

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Mr. Rountree pointed out that it was one thing for the United Kingdom, having provided bombers for India to do the same thing for Pakistan as a member of the Commonwealth, but for the United States to do so would raise serious political problems.

The Secretary said he did not like India’s acquisition of 70 bombers and understood the British had agreed to it only to preclude the Indians buying them from the Soviet Union. He had himself urged Nehru not to buy bombers from Russia. Mr. Lloyd said the Pakistani claimed the U.S. was facilitating India’s purchase of the bombers by extending economic aid to India. The Pakistani were now asking for submarines and he was doing his best to discourage them. Mr. Lloyd did hope, however, the Secretary would think over the question of some bombers for Pakistan.

The Secretary said he would.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 790D.5622/1–3058. Secret. Drafted by Reinhardt.