291. Editorial Note1

In early January 1958, Ambassador James M. Langley entered into high-level discussions with Pakistani leaders with regard to the proposed establishment in Peshawar of a [less than 1 line of text not declassified] communications facility to be operated by U.S. officials. The establishment of the facility had been requested by the Department of Defense and concurred in by the Department of State. After lengthy negotiations, Pakistan and the United States reached an agreement for the establishment of the communications unit on July 18, 1959; for text of the agreement, which was signed in Karachi by Ambassador Langley and Foreign Minister Manzur Qadir, see 10 UST 1366. Extensive documentation concerning the negotiation of the agreement, operation of the facility, and related matters is in Department of State, Central Files 711.56390D for 1958 and 1959 and 711.551 and 790.56311 for 1960.