4. Editorial Note

On January 24, President Eisenhower approved NSC 5801/1, “Long-Range U.S. Policy Toward the Near East,” which had been adopted by the National Security Council on January 22. NSC 5801/1 contained a paragraph which outlined U.S. policy toward Lebanon:


“51. Provide Lebanon with political support, and with military assistance for internal security purposes. Reduce grant economic assistance as feasible and emphasize Lebanon’s capacity to borrow from international lending institutions for purposes of economic development. Stress within and outside Lebanon the theme of Lebanon as a highly successful experiment in which many peoples of diverse religion and culture work together amicably and effectively for the advancement of their country.” (Department of State, S/S–NSC Files: Lot 63 D 351, 5801 Memoranda)

For the text of NSC 5801/1, see the Middle East regional compilation in volume XII.