156. Editorial Note

On January 24, President Eisenhower approved NSC 5801/1, “Long-Range U.S. Policy Toward the Near East,” which had been adopted by the National Security Council on January 22. NSC 5801/1 contained a paragraph which outlined U.S. policy toward Jordan:


“49. In order to maintain the present orientation of Jordan, provide necessary aid for economic development, defense support and, to the extent required to retain the loyalty of the Army to the King, military assistance. While maintaining support for the present regime in Jordan, continue efforts to strengthen Iraqi and Saudi influence there, with a view to increasing political, economic and military ties between the three countries. Seek the continuing acquiescence of Israel in these moves and make clear to Israel U.S. support therefor.” (Department of State, S/S–NSC Files: Lot 63 D 351, 5801 Memoranda)

The full text of NSC 5801/1 is scheduled for publication in volume XII.