13. Telegram From the Embassy in Lebanon to the Department of State1

3395. Pass ICA/W. I have today received following first person note dated April 9 from Foreign Minister Malik: [Page 22]

Verbatim Text

“I have honour to inform you GOL, guided by friendly cooperative spirit which permeates its relations with USG, particularly in field of US economic and technical aid Lebanon, has asked me lodge officially with your Embassy immediate request for American aid Lebanon amounting to $15 million to be allocated from US appropriations for foreign aid in FY ending on June 30, 1958.

“By making this official request I also wish to inform you competent authorities in GOL will soon be ready to submit to USOM necessary information about various projects to which aid will be applied. These projects may include projects related to enlargement of International Airport Beirut, construction of international highways in Lebanon, agricultural development, irrigation, electrification, village water supply, and others. GOL shall presently enter into detailed and intensive negotiations with your mission here with view arriving at technically sound development projects which GOL and USG may agree upon under aid herein requested.

“As this aid is urgently needed by Lebanon to help it develop its economic resources, and as time is rapidly running out for US appropriations for foreign aid in current FY, GOL hopes necessary steps will e taken immediately in order have amount requested allocated Lebanon.2

“Accept, etc.”

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 783A.5–MSP/4–1158. Confidential.
  2. On instructions from Malik, Lebanese Ambassador Dimechkie called on Assistant Secretary Rountree on April 16 and on Under Secretary Dillon on April 18 to urge acceptance of Lebanon’s request. These conversations are summarized in telegrams 3960 and 3993 to Beirut, April 16 and April 18. (Ibid., 783.5–MSP/4–1658) On April 24, Malik called in McClintock to inform him that a Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee, chaired by Malik, had just adopted a recommendation to the government to the effect that “Lebanon should obtain an amount of financial or material aid to justify continuation of Lebanon’s acceptance of aid from American government.” McClintock reported that he asked Malik if the United States should expect future “pistol-at-the-head tactics” in dealing with the Lebanese government. In assessing what he saw as Malik’s “desperate” pressure tactics, McClintock observed that “unfortunately, issue of US aid has become so inextricably mixed with Lebanon’s acceptance of Eisenhower Doctrine that attitudes toward latter color attitudes toward former.” (Telegram 3560 from Beirut, April 25; ibid., 783A.5–MSP/4–2558) These telegrams are included in the microfiche supplement.