234. Editorial Note

Prime Minister Karamanlis resigned on March 2, after 2 Ministers and 13 other members of his parliamentary majority voted against a government bill to change the Greek electoral system. King Paul appointed Constantine Georgakopolous to head a caretaker government. New elections were set for May 11. In a memorandum to Rountree, dated March 5, Owen T. Jones commented:

“During the interim 45 day pre-election period after a new electoral law has been passed and the parliament dissolved, the caretaker Government will operate the Government bureaucracy. However, it has no authority to take much action of a substantive nature, such as on the Cyprus issue. Our present problems in the economic aid field are largely administrative and we should be able to go ahead on these. By and large, however, the next two months are likely to see virtual paralysis in Greece as far as government policy decisions of substance are concerned.” (Department of State, Greek Desk Files: Lot 61 D 1, Elections)