160. Editorial Note

On July 6 the Operations Coordinating Board conducted its semiannual appraisal of NSC 5805/1 (see Documents 120 and 122). The Board concurred in the recommendation that no policy review by the NSC was necessary at this time and that there were no developments of such significance as to warrant sending a report to the NSC. In line with a Presidential directive to the OCB to bring all NSC policy papers into “a current condition for the next Administration” (NSC Action No. 2215–c, approved by the President on April 9; Department of State, S/SNSC (Miscellaneous) Files: Lot 66 D 95, Records of Action by the National Security Council), the OCB requested that the Department of State prepare a draft revision of NSC 5805/1. (Memorandum by Bromley Smith, July 13; Ibid., OCB Files: Lot 62 D 430, Yugoslavia)