118. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Yugoslavia0

714. Points outlined Embtel 11781 under intensive study but regret unable provide detailed guidance prior meeting February 14. Accordingly [Page 310] suggest you take position US shares Yugoslav desire press forward with final termination talks and will give prompt attention whatever draft Yugoslavs ready submit. You should state however our strong preference for exchange notes rather than memorandum understanding and our desire treat separately question military sales which we consider extraneous to termination aid document. You may however assure Yugoslavs sale question receiving urgent consideration. You may further indicate US would prefer not abrogate 1951 MAP bilateral although this point should not be pressed if Yugoslavs adamant.

FYI. Final termination document will require Department Circular 175 clearance2 hence full text Yugoslav proposal with your suggestions and comment desired soonest. Re 1951 bilateral we would prefer maintenance in force even though inoperative for present but we would not wish press Yugoslavs to unilateral termination. OSP minesweepers question subject separate message.3

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 768.5–MSP/2–758. Confidential. Drafted by Hill and cleared by Rehm in L and the Department of Defense. Repeated to Paris for CINCEUR and DEFREPNAMA and to Bonn for USAREUR.
  2. Document 117.
  3. Circular 175, December 13, 1955, outlined procedures under which the Department of State granted authority to its representatives abroad to conclude treaties or other formal agreements with foreign governments.
  4. In telegram 713, February 13, the Department of State commented that it had no objection in principle to the transfer of minesweepers, but it must be done in a manner consistent with U.S. administrative and legal requirements. The Embassy was instructed to complete negotiations on the minesweepers prior to the exchange of military assistance program termination documents. (Department of State, Central Files, 768.5–MSP/2–758)