101. Editorial Note

Intelligence Report No. 8248, April 8, prepared in the Bureau of Intelligence and Research, was entitled “Poland’s Deviationist Regime Shifts to More Vigorous Tactics.” The summary of the paper reads as follows:

“Pressures for increasing Polish conformity to the bloc pattern are inherent in the bloc’s vigorous socialization program in spite of the fact that the Gomulka regime has succeeded in obtaining Soviet endorsement of its basic deviationist policies. In the year which has elapsed [Page 281] since the Polish Party Congress, the regime has arrived at an apparent working arrangement with a number of leading domestic advocates of more orthodox communist policies, initiated a reorganization of the Party apparatus, and managed to expand somewhat the sphere of Party control and influence in the country. It has accomplished all this without diminishing the extent of Polish deviation from bloc practice in the three crucial fields of agriculture, church-state relations, and police control; however, through its increased vigor in the implementation of unpopular measures, primarily cultural tightening and economic retrenchment, it has succeeded in giving the appearance of greater conformity with the tempo of socialization in the rest of the bloc.” (National Archives and Records Administration, RG 59, OSSINR Reports)