307. Editorial Note

From November 19 though 21, Finance Minister Reinhard Kamitz visited Washington. On November 20, he held discussions with Eugene Black, President of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development; William McChesney Martin, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board; Secretary of the Treasury Robert B. Anderson Samuel Baugh, President of the Export-Import Bank; and Per Jacobsson of the International Monetary Fund.

On November 21, he met with Assistant Secretary of State for Economic Affairs Thomas C. Mann and with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Frederick W. Jandrey. A briefing memorandum for the meeting with Mann is in Department of State, Central Files, 763.13/11–2058. A briefing memorandum for the meeting with Jandrey is ibid., Austria Desk Files: Lot 68 D 123.

Memoranda of conversation with Jandrey, dated November 21, on Austrian fulfillment of State Treaty obligations and on the European Free Trade Area are ibid. A memorandum of conversation with Baugh, dated November 20, is ibid. Kamitz had lunch with Secretary of Commerce Lewis Strauss on November 21.

On November 22, Kamitz flew to New York. He left New York for Vienna on November 25.