192. Editorial Note

Each of the Heads of Government related his version of the failure of the summit conference in public statements delivered soon after the conference ended. Premier Khrushchev gave his picture in a lengthy address in East Berlin on May 20, placing the blame for the collapse of the summit on the United States. For extracts of his speech, see American Foreign Policy: Current Documents, 1960 pages 433–434.. On the same day, Prime Minister Macmillan reported to the House of Commons on the events in Paris, May 16–19, stating that, despite his efforts, Khrushchev had not attended meetings subsequent to the one on May 16. For text of McMillan’s statement to the House of Commons, see H.C. Debs., volume 623, columns 1641–1646. On May 31, President de Gaulle, in a broadcast to the French nation, gave his version of the abortive summit, stressing that the U–2 flight, while at least ill-timed, was not sufficient reason for the Soviet Premier’s behavior. For text of De Gaulle’s broadcast message, see Documents on International Affairs, 1960, pages 42–46.

President Eisenhower reported to the nation on the summit conference on May 25, emphasizing that he had assured the Soviet Union that U–2 flights would not be continued but that this had not been enough for Khrushchev. The President described the events as they unfolded in Paris, stressed the solidarity of the British and French at the conference, and concluded that Soviet intransigence was responsible for failure of the summit. For text of President Eisenhower’s address, see, Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: DWight D. Eisenhower, 1960–61, pages 437–445.

On May 27, 31, June 1, and 2, Allen Dulles, Secretaries Herter and Gates, Dillon, and Bohlen testified at hearings before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on events incident to the summit conference. For the proceedings on May 27, June 1, and 2, see U.S. Senate, Events Incident to the Summit Conference: Hearings Before the Committee on Foreign Relations (Washington, 1960). For text of the full hearings, see Executive Sessions of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, volume XII (Washington 1982), pages 251 ff. For the report of the Committee on the hearings, see U.S. Senate, Events Relating to the Summit Conference: Report of the Committee on Foreign Relations (Washington, 1960).