73. Editorial Note

According to President Eisenhower, who was vacationing at Augusta, Georgia, Major John Eisenhower arrived there the morning of November 27 to give him an extensive summary of Department of State, Central Intelligence Agency, and military reports on the Berlin situation. Major Eisenhower reviewed the positions of the four Western powers, summarized the British paper of November 17, and reviewed various responses to it. The President then telephoned Secretary of State Dulles who reported that Macmillan had repudiated the British paper and informed the President of the receipt of the Soviet note. President Eisenhower said he would be willing to study the idea of a free city of Berlin only if it applied to all of the city. For the President’s account of these events, see Waging Peace, pages 332–334. For Major Eisenhower’s account, see Strictly Personal, pages 212–213. A copy of the briefing paper covering Berlin related events, November 18–25, is in Eisenhower Library, Eisenhower Papers, DDE Diaries.