465. Telegram From the Delegation to the Foreign Ministers Meeting to the Department of State 0

Secto 378. Paris pass USRO. Twenty-third Plenary Session July 22, 4:02 to 5:33 pm, Secretary Chairman. Begin summary.

Gromyko rehearsed Soviet proposal for German committee and attacked Western proposal continuing FM conference.1 Suggested four powers could, while seeking some acceptable form inter-German contacts, conduct parallel discussion Berlin arrangements. Promised no unilateral Soviet action during interim Berlin agreement and negotiations following such agreement.

Secretary attacked Soviet proposal linkage between German unity and Berlin (Secto 377).2

Couve attacked linkage too, and found no comfort in Gromyko’s remarks today re what would happen after interim Berlin arrangement.

Next meeting plenary July 23, 3:30 p.m. End summary.

Gromyko stressed need for “two German states” coming together (I) to reach agreed German viewpoint re peace treaty, for which four powers bear main responsibility; (II) to discuss unity, which could not be achieved in any other way; (III) to promote inter-German contacts on more than technical problems. Attacked Western proposal for continuing FM conference with German advisers, as involving procedure for four power dictation to Germans on German questions, and as being put forward merely to evade discussion of Soviet proposal. Soviets still hope some method acceptable inter-German discussion can be found, e.g., two German Delegations could begin their contacts at this conference and try to agree on future procedures. Proposals of Dr. Bolz at last plenary3 are sufficiently elastic to create other possibilities, etc. While seeking agreed method of inter-German discussion, four powers could conduct parallel discussion of interim Berlin arrangements to clarify difficulties, possibilities of agreement and to realize such possibilities.

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Then said, referring past Lloyd and Herter questions, that during interim agreement on Berlin and during negotiations at Foreign Ministers conference following agreement, Soviets would take no unilateral action if Western powers observed agreement.

Secretary gave prepared statement attacking Soviet proposals for linkage between German committee’s consideration of German unification and interim Berlin arrangement.

Couve also attacked relating discussion of all-German question to that of Berlin arrangement, since measures addressed to German question could not be tied to Berlin measures. Also said alternative means of inter-German discussion advanced by Gromyko involved no real difference all-German committee. Said Gromyko’s assurance today re unilateral action did not answer question status Western rights after expiration interim agreement Berlin. Would be willing discuss all-German question next meeting.

Lloyd deferred comment Gromyko statement pending consideration.

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