463. Telegram From Secretary of State Herter to the Department of State 0

Cahto 160. Von Brentano told me in extreme confidence last evening that he is returning to Bonn tomorrow to secure full Cabinet support for project which the Chancellor has already approved. This is offer to conclude bilateral non-aggression treaties with Poland and Czechoslovakia. Timing such offer not yet settled but might be made in matter of days. Germans are clearly worried over warlike and obstructive [Page 1026] image of FedRep Soviets trying here to create and Von Brentano indicated his project might be useful in connection with possible break-up this Conference with no result. When asked how FedRep would counter probable request by DDR for similar non-aggression pact he indicated such clearly out of question and any such suggestion could be met by reiteration pledges given by FedRep this general connection at 1954 London-Paris Conferences.1 Von Brentano gave no clear answer to question as to relation contemplated offer would bear to establishment diplomatic relations with Poland and Czechoslovakia but indicated latter might follow but certainly would not precede treaty offer.

  1. Source: Department of State, Conference Files: Lot 64 D 560, CF1329. Secret; Priority. Repeated to Bonn eyes only Ambassador.
  2. For documentation on the London and Paris Nine- and Four-Power Conference in October 1954, see Foreign Relations, 1952–1954, vol. V, pp. 1294 ff.