435. Telegram From the Delegation to the Foreign Ministers Meeting to the Department of State0

Secto 303. Paris pass USRO. Following is summary of Nineteenth Plenary Session July 13, 3:32 to 7:20 p.m. with Secretary as Chairman.

Secretary opened meeting with twenty minute statement summarizing work of conference to date and suggesting future talks be in private sessions (Secto 302).1 Couve and Lloyd followed with short statements2 agreeing suggestion re future talks and briefly reviewing aspects of first phase of conference.

Gromyko, in thirty minute statement, repeated Soviet June 19 proposals.3 He argued for them and attacked West for opposing. He said nothing new in process and remained obscure re status Western rights in Berlin. When discussing necessity curb “subversive activities” in West Berlin, cited as example of “provocative action” the holding there of presidential election. Secretary denied this was provocative, noting that decision hold election taken nine months ago and followed precedent of 1954 which caused no Soviet protest.

Bolz followed with attack on FedRep “militarism and revanchism” stressed widespread German desire for peace treaty and reaffirmed GDR support for Soviet Berlin proposals.4 Grewe denied allegations in Gromyko and Bolz statements and reserved right to comment later. Maintained Western Peace Plan is best solution.5

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At end meeting, after Secretary suggested time of next meeting be decided later, Gromyko, recalling suggestion that future meetings be in private, said Soviets could not agree unless “all participants” (meaning Germans) included. Commented, however, it would be for any participant to decide whether or not he wished participate in private meetings. After Lloyd asked why change system which had worked well in first six weeks, Gromyko recalled Soviets had suggested German participation in private sessions during first phase of conference. Secretary noted West considered as participants only four Foreign Ministers. Germans were advisers. Couve then suggested next meeting be plenary and all agreed with Secretary’s suggestion it take place July 15 at 3:30 p.m.

Full report follows in separate cable.6

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