19. Telegram From the Mission at the European Coal and Steel Community to the Department of State 0

Colux 202. For Department and AEC. US–Euratom joint Working Party finished its work yesterday afternoon with initialing of memorandum of understanding for purpose of text verification.1 Joint report of Working Party hand-carried by Cook and Schaetzel transmits all documents for consideration. Following observations have been discussed with Cook, but due departure schedule, he was unable to see this message.

Atmosphere meeting excellent throughout with closest working relationships having developed between US and Euratom officers. This spirit carried over to informal conversations we had April 2 with [Page 34] Euratom commission which met here for briefing by Kohnstamm and his staff. I believe that firm foundation has thus been laid over last two arduous weeks by delegation from Washington for fruitful future working relationships between US and Euratom.

Remarkable amount of work was accomplished by Working Party. In addition to useful documentation, process by which this documentation was developed means that US and Euratom now have core of personnel with common knowledge problems and issues proposed joint program. I feel that one particularly significant achievement of meeting was development of formula for incentives and guarantees, despite fact that important questions remain re actual figures to be put in formula.

Representatives of AEC and State, in my view deserve highest praise for their outstanding competence and their devoted effort which won the admiration and respect of all concerned. Cook’s contribution was immeasurable.

Euratom commission reviewed joint Working Party documentation line by line. While commission in February, under Armand’s leadership, had approved in principle joint program, it was not until April 2 meeting that I had opportunity to consider on orderly and intensive basis implications of joint program and how program might be mounted. Kohnstamm states commission now not only understands program but can be considered as active protagonist. Commissioners as well as Kohnstamm reiterated opinion joint program must succeed.

I believe success of this effort, besides tangible advantages in realm of atomic energy, would greatly strengthen Euratom, provide impetus at important time to Euratom integration, and contribute significantly to American relations with European Community. On other hand, it would be irreparable blow to Euratom if US and Euratom, after having started joint effort, were not now to develop joint program and carry it quickly forward.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 840.1901/4–458. Confidential; Priority.
  2. Copies of the draft memorandum of understanding and other supporting papers produced during the work of the U.S.-EURATOM Working Party in Luxembourg, March 20-April 3, were sent to the Department of State as attachments to Colux D–176, April 14. (ibid., 840.1901/4–1458)