99. Telegram From the Delegation at the Fifth Meeting of Consultation of Foreign Ministers to the Department of State1

Secto 23. In morning General Committee session and afternoon Plenary yesterday MFM discussed and approved Final Act containing 17 resolutions, twelve of which substantive.2 All resolutions except Declaration Santiago de Chile approved as transmitted by working group with little debate or change. Declaration Santiago de Chile amended to state in “whereas” clause “existence antidemocratic regimes constitutes violation principles on which OAS founded.” In declaration portion additional clauses included, one proposed by Peru that “systematic use political proscription contrary American democratic order”, and one proposed by Colombia stressing necessity freedom press, radio, TV, information and expression for existence democratic regime.

Creation IA Commission on Human Rights (HR) approved by large vote (US abstained) despite opposition Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Uruguay.

SecState made statement on HR resolution reserving US position with respect to participation in instruments or organisms evolving therefrom. Similar statement made re resolution on convention on effective exercise representative democracy. He voted in favor of both.

In Plenary Session Foreign Minister Haiti3 told of invasion his country August 15 by 30 Cubans, said in this case Haitians not fighting Haitians, Haiti victim of aggression and Cuba having failed prevent expedition as called for in international obligations. He said Haiti concerned because this invasion preview larger invasion also coming from Cuba. Haiti could not, for procedural reasons, appeal to MFM and he, therefore, requested COAS be informed as Haiti desires use protective machinery inter-American system.

Foreign Minister Cuba4 said it true small group individuals escaped vigilance his government. Intimated group might be inspired by foreign government great [create?] difficult situation Cuba during MFM. Said Cuba made every effort comply international obligation and desires cooperate with OAS to determine true responsibilities invasion. He then launched upon attack on Dominican Republic and showed what he claimed was documentary evidence revolt recently [Page 346]put down Cuba was sponsored by Dominicans. Cuba would not invoke any treaties since Cuban people and army united behind government and provided adequate protection.

Dominican Republic representative calmly responded saying had proved on three different occasions “red regime Fidel Castro” guilty disturbing peace Caribbean. “Not every bearded man from mountains a prophet” he said. His government prepared present overwhelming proof Cuban support two invasions his country.

In adjourning Chairman said he believed instruments created this meeting would be adequate deal with situation and would, in time, demonstrate their efficacy.

Closing session with signing ceremony Tuesday 10 am. USDel will carry copies Final Act (provisional in English)5 and other documents to Washington on return Wednesday.

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  3. Louis Mars.
  4. Raúl Roa García.
  5. The Final Act of the Fifth Meeting of Consultation, designated document 890, August 18, was sent to all U.S. diplomatic missions in the American Republics by circular airgram 4365, November 24. (Department of State, Central Files, 363/11–2459)