62. Memorandum for the Record of a Meeting, White House, Washington, June 2, 19581


  • Dr. Eisenhower’s Trip


  • The President
  • The Secretary
  • The Under-Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary Rubottom, ARA

At the meeting this afternoon the President decided that:

Dr. Eisenhower would not make any announcement regarding his trip, such announcement to be made by the Secretary or possibly by Mr. Hagerty at the White House in coordination with the Department.
The trip would be postponed temporarily but in such way as to make it clear that it would still be carried out in the near future.2

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 120.1520/6–258. Confidential. Drafted by Rubottom on June 3.
  2. Secretary Dulles’ memorandum of this conversation reads as follows:

    “4. We discussed the Milton Eisenhower trip. I expressed the view that we not indicate that this had been indefinitely postponed. The President suggested that we should make some statement indicating that while the trip was still on, there were conditions which made it difficult to find mutually convenient dates for all six countries, and that the scheduling was still being worked upon with a probability that the trip was not imminent. It was understood that a brief statement along these lines would be made from the State Department rather than from the White House, and that no statement would be made by Dr. Eisenhower.” (Eisenhower Library, Dulles Papers, Meetings with the President)