45. Message From the President to the Vice President, at Quito1

Dear Dick: Your courage, patience and calmness in the demonstration directed against you by radical agitators have brought you new respect and admiration in our country. I am certain that the vast majorities of citizens both in Peru and in the United States deplore the incident caused by a few. I note with satisfaction that the Peruvian Government has already expressed to you its regret. Indeed, I feel that every participant in the mob will finally come to feel a sense of guilt and embarrassment because of his failure to show toward a friendly [Page 226] visitor the ordinary measure of courtesy and hospitality. Give my love to Pat and warm regards to yourself.2

As ever,

Dwight Eisenhower3
  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 033.1100–NI/5–958. Unclassified; Priority. Transmitted in telegram 412 to Quito, May 9, with the notation “Codel Nixon.” Telegram 412, which is the source text, was drafted by Frank J. Devine; cleared with Sanders, Sandy M. Pringle, Joseph A. Silberstein, Orville C. Anderson, James C. Hagerty, and Fisher Howe; and initialed by Snow. It was repeated to Lima and to Paris for the Secretary. The text of the message was preceded by the paragraph: “Acting Secretary today telephoned following message from President to Vice President Nixon. White House plans Washington release 11:45 EDT this morning.”
  2. In telegram 696 from Bogotá, May 11, Vice President Nixon thanked President Eisenhower for his message. (ibid., 033.1100–NI/5–1158)
  3. Telegram 412 bears this typed signature.