250. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Brazil1

103. Deptel 101.2 Minister Valle said last night Air Force and Navy apparently content, especially Air Force, but believed Army very disappointed its share program. Dept officers replied program devised basis military criteria justifiable under U.S. programs. Since ASW most significant role hemisphere defense logical Navy and Air shares stressed. Suggested this posed problem for Brazil not U.S. and that our programs should permit readjustment Brazil’s own military budgeting in order further beef up Army if that considered necessary. Valle emphasized political dominance Army over other Services and greater importance its internal security role against communism.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 732.5/7–1958. Secret. Drafted by Siracusa and approved and signed by Bernbaum.
  2. Telegram 101, July 18, informed the Embassy in Brazil that the military aid program was presented to the Brazilians by U.S. military representatives at the Joint Brazil-United States Defense Commission meeting on July 18. (ibid., 732.5/7–1858) The estimated value of the equipment offered was $87.1 million. A copy of the minutes of the meeting is ibid., ARA/EST Files: Lot 62 D 308, Talks Under Article VI.