117. Editorial Note

Between April 3 and 29, Edward S. Little handed copies of an Aide-Mémoire concerning arms traffic in the Caribbean area to the respective representatives in Washington of the Embassies of the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. The Aide-Mémoire stated that because of unsettled conditions in the Caribbean the United States had “adopted a practice of examining most carefully all applications received for purchase in this country of military equipment for export to the Caribbean area,” and was in fact disapproving applications for such equipment except in cases where approval was clearly consistent with U.S. efforts to promote peaceful settlement of controversies. It also expressed the hope that “friendly supplier countries” would adopt parallel practices with respect to arms exports to the area, and promised to inform all governments consulted on this matter prior to any change in U.S. policy. (Department of State, Central File 741B.00)