105. Editorial Note

On April 14, the Inter-American Peace Committee issued a Special Report on the Relationship Between Violations of Human Rights or the Nonexercise of Representative Democracy and the Political Tensions That Affect the Peace of the Hemisphere. The report, signed by Representatives of El Salvador, Mexico, the United States (Chairman), Uruguay, and Venezuela, was prepared by the Committee in connection with its general study of international tensions in the Caribbean area pursuant to Resolution IV of the Fifth Meeting of Consultation. Secretary of State Herter authorized the United States Representative on the Committee, John C. Dreier, to approve the report on April 6. (Memorandum from Rubottom to Herter, April 2; Department of State, Central Files, 371.041/4–260) In the report, the Committee suggested that governments free political prisoners and permit asylees in diplomatic missions to leave the country; and that countries where necessary strengthen respect for human rights and the effective exercise of representative democracy. For text of the report, see Inter-American Efforts To Relieve International Tensions in the Western Hemisphere, 1959–1960, page 197. A copy of the report is also in Department of State, Central Files, 371.041/4–2560