303. Record of Telephone Conversation Between Lodge and John Foster Dulles1

[Facsimile Page 1]

L said he sees the Pres is scheduled to make an announcement tomorrow re having observers for the Hardtack Operation. Of course the Sec knows more than L does but from where he sits he thinks we [Typeset Page 1256] are likely to get scooped. He thinks the Russians will come out unilaterally re suspension of testing and L thinks we should consider saying we will stop after the next test. Why is it being done so far ahead when it is not until August? Also make it definite who the observers are. L thinks it should be the radiation comm. The Sec said Herter is handling it through OCB. L will talk with him. The Sec told re working hard over the weekend with Defense and AEC on suspension but finally they agreed not to do it. The Sec went into a discourse about how in the long run we look militaristic though some isolated cases and their decisions are right. If we just had to win a war that would be easy but it’s the diplomatic and economic arenas where we might lose out. Then L, after agreeing, asked if the Sec has thought of asking the Pres to ask to Soviets to agree on an inspection system. L added he is afraid it is going to be bad from a PR standpoint.

  1. Source: Public relations considerations to nuclear testing. No classification marking. 1 p. Eisenhower Library, Dulles Papers, General Telephone Conversations.