444. Telegram From the Department of State to the Mission at the United Nations1

157. Re US Initiative on Outer Space.

Following is suggested draft resolution referred to in previous telegram.2

“The General Assembly,

Recognizing that outer space is a matter of common interest to mankind as a whole,

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Wishing to avoid the extension of present national rivalries into this new frontier,

Desiring to promote energetically the fullest exploration and exploitation of outer space solely for the betterment of mankind,

Conscious that these developments have added a new dimension to man’s existence and opened new possibilities for the increase of his knowledge and the improvement of his life,

Noting the success of the scientific cooperative program of the IGY in the exploration of outer space and the decision to continue and expand this type of cooperation,

Recognizing that it has not yet been possible to achieve a comprehensive disarmament agreement which would include appropriate international control of outer space,

Believing that the absence of such a disarmament agreement should not delay the development of a separate program of international and scientific cooperation in the field of outer space,

1. Establishes an Ad Hoc Committee consisting of _____ and requests it to report to the Fourteenth General Assembly on the following:

(a) the activities and resources of the United Nations and its specialized agencies relating to outer space;

(b) the nature of specific projects of international cooperation in outer space which could be undertaken under UN auspices;

(c) the future UN organizational arrangements to facilitate international cooperation in this field;

2. Requests the Secretary General to render appropriate assistance to the above-named Committee and to recommend any other steps that might be taken within the existing United Nations framework to encourage the fullest international cooperation for the peaceful uses of outer space.”

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 701.022/8–1858. Confidential; Limited Distribution. Drafted by Sisco and Marcus; cleared with Becker, Elbrick, Farley, Brode, and Smith; and initialed by Herter.
  2. Supra.