13. Telegram From the Department of State to the Mission at the United Nations1

871. Re: Arab Union. In view determination Amman and Baghdad maintain separate and distinct responsibility re foreign affairs for present, now apparent to us implementation AU constitutional provisions re unified handling foreign affairs to be delayed. US has not altered its views concerning wisdom Jordan Iraq forming demonstrably effective union. US adheres to its views previously set forth in Deptels 781 and 811.2 However in light above developments there would appear be no real ground at this time on which continued representation in UN both Iraq and Jordan could be opposed.

Suggest USUN convey foregoing views to SYG for his consideration (urtel 1376),3 together with observation that until we see how situation develops and exact nature expected communication from AU we are unable to comment on appropriate response or steps such those suggested by SYG in urtel 1376.

With particular reference to his indicated concern over possible renegotiation GAA, it our view that if at any time in future AU is prepared indicate assumption and willingness carry out all international obligations of Jordan and Iraq, AU, like UAR, would legally assume GAA responsibilities without renegotiation of GAA. Any discussion of renegotiation GAA could only serve as basis possible weakening Israel’s or Jordan’s willingness abide by present agreement. Might also provide pretext for continued dual representation even if AU does assume full constitutional responsibility for foreign affairs in due course.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 310.386/6–558. Secret. Drafted by Ludlow and Hartley on June 4, cleared by Ford and NE, and approved by Adams who signed for Dulles.
  2. Regarding telegram 781, see footnote 3, Document 9. Telegram 811 is supra.
  3. Telegram 1376, May 23, described Lodge’s conversations with Hammarskjöld and United Arab Republic Delegation member Riad regarding Arab Union representation at the United Nations. (Department of State, Central Files, 310.386/5–2358)