47. Editorial Note

On March 22, at the 280th meeting of the National Security Council, Under Secretary Hoover raised the matter of Germany during a discussion of United States policy toward the Soviet satellites in Eastern Europe. The memorandum of discussion reads as follows:

“Secretary Hoover offered the opinion that there was one course of action at least in this area that the United States might pursue more actively. He referred to his February visit to Berlin, and said that 90% of the East Germans would vote now for union with a free Germany. Accordingly, the United States should publicize what the Soviets have been guilty of doing in East Germany. It was a very weak spot in their armor.

“The President expressed the opinion that we should make West Berlin a ‘showcase of prosperity’, especially in terms of sending food, of which we have such a tremendous over-abundance. Let’s send them pork, beef, wheat, and rice—millions of dollars worth of it.

[Page 78]

“Secretary Hoover informed the President that he had investigated this matter when he had been in Berlin. He had found the West Berliners very well fed and clothed. Moreover, they were proud that their situation had been achieved by their own efforts and exertions. West Berlin was the most completely anti-Communist place in the world.” (Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, NSC Records)

For the discussion of U.S. policy toward the Soviet satellites and Eastern Europe, see volume XXV, pages 128130.