23. Telegram From the Embassy in Austria to the Department of State 1

875. Econ Director FonOff tells me latter much concerned re timing Mikoyan visit relation developments Hungary and Poland but so far not disposed take initiative in suggesting postponement. Said particularly concerned at possibility misunderstanding in US and other Western countries. Indicated Austs would welcome any guidance. I replied difficult form opinion view paucity info from Budapest re extent Sov intervention but observed that in view these developments Mikoyan would be in relatively weak position at this time if Sovs had any intention bringing pressure on Aust. What I actually had in mind is Austs would be far less disposed than usual to fall for any bait Mikoyan might offer since Austs with their many personal ties with Hungary will resent deeply any evidences Sov brutality their Hungarian cousins. If Dept considers I2 should give Austs any informal advice this question please instruct.3

  1. Source: Department of State, Vienna Embassy Files: Lot 63 F 61, 361.2, Mikoyan 1956–1958. Confidential; Routine. Drafted by Thompson.
  2. Another copy of this telegram reads at this point: “it”. (Ibid., Central Files, 033.6163/10–2556)
  3. In telegram 913, October 28, the Embassy in Vienna reported that Bischoff had been instructed to suggest that Mikoyan postpone his visit. In telegram 947, October 29, Thompson reported that Mikoyan’s visit would be postponed. (Ibid., Vienna Embassy Files: Lot 63 F 61, 361.2 Mikoyan 1956–1958)