165. Telegram From the Delegation at the Tenth Anniversary Meeting of the United Nations to the Department of State1

Secto 7. Reference Secto 3, repeated Bonn 3510, Berlin 634.2 At Secretary’s dinner Macmillan by tripartite agreement raised Autobahn question with Molotov.3Macmillan said that if friendly agreement could be reached at meeting (of Federal Republic and GDR officials) scheduled take place in few days, this would help create proper atmosphere for Geneva meeting. Molotov replied that he felt there had been some movement on that subject.

Comment. Believe it would be counterproductive give any publicity this exchange.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 962A.7162B/6–2155. Secret. Repeated to Berlin, Bonn, London, Moscow, and Paris.
  2. Secto 3 reported that the three Western Foreign Ministers would approach Molotov on June 20 to express their serious concern at the lack of progress in settling the Berlin Autobahn situation. (Ibid., Conference Files: Lot 63 D 123, CF 479)
  3. A memorandum of this conversation, PMCG(SF) MC–4, is ibid., CF 487; for a memorandum of other topics discussed, see vol. v, pp. 243246.