150. Telegram From the Office of the High Commissioner for Germany to the Department of State1

3200. Paris pass CINCEUR as Bonn’s 277. In course of conversation this morning,2 asked Chancellor’s views re future course of action on Autobahn toll problem with particular reference (a) Allied action and (b) feasibility of direct talks between East and West GER transport ministries.

Chancellor said he was convinced Sovs were not prepared to risk another blockade of Berlin in face of determined and firm Allied reaction, and he therefore urged that we send strong note to Sovs without further delay. What was at issue, he said, was free access to Berlin, and whether such access was responsibility of Sovs in accordance with 1949 agreements, or was to pass to control of DDR. Re direct talks between ministries, Adenauer was adamantly against any broadening of discussions with East GER regime saying that continued resistance of East Germans was largely dependent upon FedRep’s policy of non-recognition of Pankow regime.

While Nuschke has now made it clear that Autobahn harassments are attempt achieve recognition of DDR, I believe we should face [Page 365] fact that primary issue is free access to Berlin, and should therefore be prepared to take whatever steps may be necessary, including military transport, to demonstrate our determination not to give in on this matter.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 762.0221/4–2555. Confidential. Repeated to Paris, London, Berlin, Moscow, and Heidelberg.
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