144. Telegram From the Department of State to the Office of the High Commissioner for Germany, at Bonn1

2689. In planning for further action which may be necessary re developments highway traffic to Berlin Department has following considerations in mind.

In event becomes necessary take up issue with Soviets at Moscow, Allies should be prepared make strong statement to Soviets perhaps quite soon that action is breach of 1949 New York and Paris agreements which obligate Soviet Government take necessary steps maintain normal transport to Berlin. This is direct obligation to Allies which we expect to be fulfilled and cannot be evaded by claims that GDR action is not controlled by Soviet Union. Timing such representations would have to be guided by developments Germany and other aspects Western relations with Soviets as well as determination when such action would be most effective.
As suggested Deptel 2666 to Bonn (rptd Berlin 479),2 Allies could offer send military inspection team to assist determining road damage in order to help reach rational solution.
Question rational [rationale?] payment for repair of roads especially in IZT context.
Review of steps necessary increase air capacity transport goods by use of commercial capacity or use military craft in some way.
Necessity and extent of any US financial assistance to transport or other elements Berlin economy.

Urgent comments on above steps and their timing would be helpful to Department planning.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 962A.7162B/4–555. Confidential. Drafted by Eleanor Dulles and Blumberg, cleared with Lewis and Kellermann, and approved by Barbour. Also sent to Berlin and Moscow and repeated to Paris and London.
  2. Not printed. (Ibid., 962A.7162B/4–155)