356. Editorial Note

On April 10, during the Secretary’s Staff meeting, Ambassador Warren, in Washington for consultation, briefed the participants on the situation in Turkey, According to the notes of the meeting:

“Ambassador Fletcher Warren briefly reviewed US relations with Turkey. He said three factors stand out: 1) the Turkish feeling of friendship for the US and American people; 2) the accompanying feeling of solidarity with the US and Turkey’s willingness to gear its foreign policy with ours; and 3) the realism of Turkey’s appraisal of the events occurring around it. He called attention to the strength Turkey draws from its heritage and the respect it enjoys from those nations which were formerly parts of the Ottoman Empire. He said he believes the US must continue to extend assistance to the Turks if they are to continue to maintain their important strategic position.

“Mr. Murphy asked whether, in the Ambassador’s opinion, the Turkish Government would be prepared to reply to the recent Soviet threats that countries which permit the stationing of US atomic units on their soil will be obliterated in a nuclear war. Ambassador Warren said he felt certain the Turks would make such a statement if the US desires such.” (Department of State, Secretary’s Staff Meetings: Lot 63 D 75)