342. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Turkey1

2129. Joint State–Defense–ICA. Active consideration being given recommendations re future Turkish aid programs formulated in Washington in collaboration with representatives Ankara Country Team following completion Turkey paper by Interdepartmental Committee on Certain US Aid Programs (Prochnow Committee). We recognize necessity reaching earliest possible decision on target figures for Turkish programs to facilitate orderly US and Turkish planning. However magnitude world-wide programs which US able support must be examined in light of 1) Congressional action present aid bill, 2) completion within next few weeks other country studies by Prochnow Committee and over-all consideration by NSC. Until situation further clarified US not in position to propose or discuss with Turk Government revisions in Turkish programs.

Generally recognized that continuation foreign aid programs at current or previously contemplated levels requires greater resources [Page 686] than those likely to be available to US for that purpose. Therefore in any discussions with Turkish officials Ambassador and Chief JAMMAT should bear in mind future US aid will fall far below Turkish desires and expectations in military and economic fields.2

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 782.5–MSP/6–2056. Secret. Drafted and signed by Baxter. Repeated to Paris for USRO and CINCEUR.
  2. In telegram 2222, June 29, the Embassy replied indicating the “urgeny” of formulating necessary guidelines in Washington, which would enable the United States to develop a new military program with the Turks. The Embassy also suggested that if the new military program was far below the level that the Turkish Government anticipated, the United States should be prepared to offer Turkey, “further evidence of our continuing interest in Turkey’s security.” (Ibid.,782.5–MSP/6–2956)