281. Editorial Note

Between June 20 and 28, Ambassador Cannon consulted with officials of the Departments of State and the Navy in Washington regarding the situation in Greece. Among the subjects raised were naval assistance to Greece (memorandum of conversation by Wood, June 28, 1955; Department of State, Central Files, 781.5621/6–2855), negotiations for immunities for American personnel in Greece, and the question of extraterritoriality provisions of the military facilities agreement (memorandum from Cannon to Allen, June 27, 1955; ibid., 033.8111/6–2755).

On June 27, in a conversation with Secretary Dulles, Cannon recommended that Papagos be invited to the United States. Cannon noted, among other things, that the visit should be arranged “safely” before the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly or well after to avoid “emphasis” on the Cyprus question. Dulles replied that he thought a visit might be arranged. (Memorandum of conversation by Cannon, June 27, 1955; ibid.)