209. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Turkey1

1102. Principal officer only. Embtel 1115.2 Memorandum conversation October 24 sent Ankara recounts Rountree Gork conversation Cyprus.3

As Department indicated Deptels Ankara 901, 772 and 748,4 inscription Greek British items re Cyprus anticipated. US position traditionally is not to oppose discussion question of interest several nations. In this specific case, US also recognized fact inscription practically assured. US opposition would produce nothing positive and reduce reservoir of goodwill for US on grounds we opposed discussion cardinal US principle right of self-determination. For these reasons it was decided at highest level support both Greek British items. Department hopes Turks as practical men will appreciate logic US position. (Department’s conclusion inscription likely was borne out when General Committee by common consent November 14 recommended (1) combining Greek and British items as sub-items “Question of Cyprus” and (2) inscription on GA agenda. Sarper did [Page 433] not oppose inclusion but expressed fear GA debate would worsen Greek-Turkish-UK relations, to which Turkey attached great importance.)

Dept continues hope debate on Cyprus items will be delayed until near end of session in order afford opportunity for some agreement be reached in interim. Department and embassies should advocate restraint with Greek Turk governments and express our hope all parties will endeavor reach early solution Cyprus problem.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 747C.00/11–1556. Top Secret; Limit Distribution. Drafted by John F. O’Grady of GTI. Repeated to Paris, London, and Athens and pouched to Nicosia.
  2. In telegram 1115, November 13, the Embassy at Ankara reported that the Turks were disturbed by reports that the United States might not oppose inscription of the Cyprus item on the agenda of the forthcoming U.N. General Assembly. The Embassy added that, in its view, inscription of the Cyprus item might endanger Greek-Turkish relations, interfere with the Holmes mission, and not serve Western interests. (Ibid., 747C.00/11–1356)
  3. Not printed. (Ibid., 747C.00/10–2456)
  4. Dated October 23, 5, and 3, respectively. (Ibid., 747C.00/10–2356, 747C.00/ 10–556, and 747C.00/10–356)