140. Editorial Note

On September 26, Secretary Dulles met in New York with Foreign Secretary Macmillan, who raised the question of Cyprus. According to the memorandum of conversation prepared by Dulles the next day, the following exchange occurred:

Macmillan took me aside, and said he wished to express his deep appreciation for our help on the Cyprus matter. He said that he had sent me a written message, but he wanted to reinforce it personally. I said that it had been a difficult decision to take, but having taken it, we went through with it in helping to get the votes necessary to succeed. Otherwise, the British would have been defeated. Macmillan said he was well aware of that fact. He went on to say he was determined to carry the thing through to a successful conclusion, and would make some constructive proposals in the very near future.” (Department of State, Secretary’s Memoranda of Conversation: Lot 64 D 199)