371. Editorial Note

In the Philippine senatorial election of November 8, Magsaysay’s Nationalist Party scored an overwhelming victory. Eight of the nine contested senatorial seats were won by Nationalist Party members loyal to the President. As a result of the election, Liberal Party opposition in the Senate was virtually eliminated.

Regarding the election results, Acting Secretary Hoover issued the following instructions:

“In your discretion request you convey Magsaysay my personal congratulations both manner in which elections conducted and apparent results. As Chief State he may take pride in former. Latter appear indicate clearly that real majority Filipinos believe in and support him and his policies more strongly than ever.” (Department of State, Central Files, 796.00/11–1455)

The Philippine elections were also briefly discussed at the November 16 meeting of the National Security Council. In his summary of significant world developments affecting United States security, Allen Dulles commented:

“Mr. Dulles described the results of the elections in the Philippines as a striking victory for Magsaysay as well as for U.S. policy vis-à-vis the Philippines. The opposition charge that Magsaysay was a particular friend of the United States had assisted rather than harmed Magsaysay. Some of the satisfaction which the U.S. should derive from the elections has been qualified by the fact that Laurel has decided to join hands with Recto and will lead the opposition to Magsaysay in the Philippine Senate.” (Memorandum of discussion at the 266th meeting of the National Security Council by Gleason, November 16; Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, NSC Records)