326. Editorial Note

During the NATO Heads of Government meeting held in Paris, December 16–19, Secretary Dulles discussed matters relating to Indonesia with British Prime Minister Macmillan and Foreign Secretary [Page 553] Lloyd. A memorandum by Dulles of a conversation with Macmillan on December 16 reads as follows:

“During a conversation that touched on other subjects, I asked about Indonesia and Singapore. He said he did not know what had been done, but he would try to get a quick report for me.” (USDel/MC/15, December 17; Department of State, Conference Files: Lot 63 D 123, CF 950)

On December 17, Dulles and Reinhardt discussed Indonesia with Macmillan, Lloyd, and British Deputy Under Secretary of State Sir Patrick Dean, and on December 19, Dulles discussed Indonesia briefly with Lloyd. The only records of these conversations found in Department of State files list the dates, participants, and subject (Indonesia) but do not record the substance of the discussions. They indicate that a memorandum of the December 17 conversation, consisting of two pages, and a memorandum of the December 19 conversation, consisting of four lines, were filed in the Office of the Secretary. (Ibid.,CF 947 and CF 951, respectively)