27. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Burma1

838. Deptel to Rangoon 785 Bangkok 2574 Taipei 478 Vientiane 819 Chiengmai 4.2 For Rangoon: You may inform Foreign Office following and request pass to Prime Minister:

US unaware details Chinese irregulars contact or assistance KNDO rebels. Chinese Government has often stated it has no control over or connection with these irregulars. However as individuals or groups outside but loyal to Chinese Government conceivably could be involved US will bring to attention Chinese Government information which Burmese have passed to US.
Burmese representation to Thai Government appears responsible for Thai Ministry Interior directive of February 17 aimed at eliminating arms traffic across Thai-Burma border. U.S. also will call to attention Thai authorities US in concert with Thai objectives prevent assistance to rebels in Burma.
US Government only recently learned of Burma border violation by US personnel. Only known incident involved Army captain from Embassy Bangkok who, without authorization from anyone and for no ulterior purpose other than thoughtless curiosity, visited Karens at Dagwin November 10. US Government embarrassed by this thoughtless act and wishes to assure GUB all US mission personnel in area have been instructed scrupulously avoid contact with groups or individuals (including remnant Chinese irregulars) who may be involved insurrectionary activities Burma.
The GUB may be assured US Government in future will take appropriate action against those individuals who do not comply with above instruction.

For Bangkok: Embassy should inform appropriate persons in Thai Government:

US concerned reports incidents low-level Thai collaboration with Karen rebels and Chinese irregulars, also rumors Karen rebels attempt obtain Thai concurrence arms shipments through Thailand from Taipei.
US pleased Phibul’s3 Ministry Interior directive of February 17 on subject and hopes, in interest increasing friendly Thai-Burmese relations, Thai Government will do all in its power prevent Thai assistance to rebel groups in Burma.
Cite substance instructions to US personnel to indicate US attitude and action.

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For Taipei: Embassy should make suitable approach to Chinese Government pointing out: 61) US has reports of varying reliability suggesting Chinese Government representatives still in contact with and helping Chinese irregulars in Burma and possibly considering assistance to Karen rebels.

As we believe Chinese Government itself not likely be involved US suggests Chinese Government may wish investigate and if reports have some basis, take appropriate action prevent irresponsible activity individuals or groups who may be involved.
Chinese Government aware any Chinese involvement rebel groups Burma likely cause serious damage Chinese prestige and make achievement US objectives in area difficult.
  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 690B.9321/2–2256. Confidential. Also sent to Bangkok and Taipei and repeated to Vientiane and Chiengmai.
  2. Document 25.
  3. Field Marshal P. Pibulsonggram (Phibun Songkhram), Thai Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and of the Interior.