171. Memorandum for the Record, by the President’s Staff Secretary (Goodpaster)1

Governor Stassen called me yesterday to report action at the United Nations on disarmament. Working closely with Ambassador Lodge he was approaching agreement for the United States with co-sponsors on a resolution of a procedural nature referring all substantive proposals to the Disarmament Committee for consideration.2 The co-sponsors are the UK, France, Canada, India, Japan, Norway, Brazil, El Salvador, Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union.3

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The resolution includes a specific passage as follows: “and give continued consideration to the plan of Mr. Eisenhower, President of the United States of America, for exchanging military blueprints and mutual aerial inspection and the plan of Mr. Bulganin, Prime Minister of the USSR, for establishing control posts at strategic centers.”

In addition, the sponsors have agreed not to ask for a separate vote on any other issue (such as testing).

In all, Governor Stassen considers this to be a favorable outcome from the standpoint of the United States. He said he had cleared all of this action with State, Defense and Admiral Strauss. I asked if he had talked with Secretary Dulles, and he said he had been unable to get him but would call him before the day was out. He said he felt confident this action was in accord with Secretary Dulles’ views.

I advised Governor Adams and the President of the above.

Brigadier General, USA
  1. Source: Eisenhower Library, Staff Secretary Records, Disarmament.
  2. Regarding this resolution, which the U.N. General Assembly passed on February 14, see footnote 5, Document 169, and footnote 2, infra.
  3. Another cosponsor of the final resolution was Australia.